What to look for when choosing a gym membership?


What do you look at when you are out on a hunt for the best gym to sweat and go from flab to fab? Finally, you have decided to take your lunge towards fitness and are looking for the gym best suited for you. Or have you been working out at home and believe that the environment in the gym will keep you more motivated.
Whatever the circumstances may be, there are some factors that you must consider when looking for a gym.


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1. Cost
Obviously, this is an important aspect that influences the choice for most individuals. Many of us are unable to afford personal training fee are over - priced gym memberships. This does not say that you can't go to a gym. Be smart and find ways of cost reduction.
Avoid any extra cost – Do not fall prey to pressurization of the salespersons. They are there to sell stuff and that's what they're good at. You must know how to steer clear of them and avoid spending any extra bucks. Don't pay for things that you don't need. You can pay for the extra privileges, but you might not ever use them all together. Sit and thoroughly go through the entire terms and conditions of the membership before you sign the contract.
Discounting seasons – Most gyms offer varied discounts during the peak seasons. This is because they do expect higher enrolment and so, reduce prices to attract customers.
Avoid any agreements for long term – Yep, that's the worst part. Gyms try to trap you into long term contracts. This is not a great approach. Because you have signed the contract, you cannot leave even if you are unhappy with the gym. You have to pay even if you decide not to go. And this way, you are locked!
2. Member Profile
Most gyms nowadays cater only to specific groups of individuals. These may be women, men, seniors or competitive athletes. So if you are intimated as a woman while lifting weights, among strong men, you can bypass it. (If women lifting more weight intimidate you, so can you as a man!)
3. Equipment
Make sure you step inside and have a look at the equipment inside the gym. The most common include weight machines, dumbbells, areas for stretching, cardio machines, etc. Check out that latest machines are available and are in good condition. Be sure that the ones you prefer to use are definitely available.
4. Cleanliness
Is it not necessary that the place you are going to is clean and tidy? If the gym is not even maintained and cleaned regularly, then it is surely not worth the high payment.
5. Accessibility
You need to also consider the distance of the gym from your place of residence. If it is too far, you'll often find yourself skipping due to the long distance.

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Move around a bit, ask lots of questions and grab the best deal!


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