How to choose a good skip hire company



Most people choose a skip company based solely on cost. It is, after all, just a means of removing rubbish from our properties. Once the skip leaves our home, little or no further thought is given to the actual means of disposal employed by a skip hire company. Although a greater environmental consciousness has resulted from the dire warnings and obvious signs of our planet’s struggle for survival, the urgency of the matter increases daily. Choosing a good skip company means choosing a partner to share in the responsibility of saving our environment.

Points to consider

Find out if the company with which you are considering contracting is endorsed by an environmental agency, or is a member of the Institute of Waste Management. Being affiliated with one or both of these organisations already shows a level of commitment to environmental health. Companies that are licenced to operate their own waste transfer stations are the ones that are truly investing in our health, as well as that of future generations.

How should waste be processed?

In an attempt to keep its skip rental costs enticingly low, unlicensed skip rental companies usually do no more than move waste from one site to another. Skips are collected and the waste simply driven to a secluded area and unceremoniously dumped there. It is left to local councils to clean up the mess and taxpayers to foot the bill. Some licenced companies will pay the taxes involved and transport the waste to a landfill where it will add to the enormous problem of landfills that are already bursting at the seams with, mostly, toxic waste. Companies like Tom White Waste will transport your skip to their closest waste transfer station for a process of separating what can be recycled. Once this is accomplished, the remainder is again separated into what can be converted to ‘green’ fuel. If there is still a small residue of waste, this alone will find its way to a landfill.

Mutual responsibility

Ensuring that waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner is the equal and legal responsibility of both the customer and the skip rental company. Environmentally conscious skip hire companies will provide customers with a transfer note that describes exactly how the waste will be processed. Failing this, if waste is simply dumped at another location, then the customer can be held responsible. You should ensure they have a good waste management process.

Partnering with a responsible and environmentally aware skip hire company will not only ensure that all legal obligations are met. It will also ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for us and a planet that will sustain many generations to come. Choosing a good skip hire company is, therefore, an investment in the future.



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