What should I look for when choosing a divorce solicitor?


There are many solicitors who specialise in family law, but how do you choose the best one for you? How much they charge, their ability to resolve your dispute, and perhaps most importantly, their legal experience must all be taken into account. Here is a guide to help you choose the right divorce solicitor.

Before rushing out to hire a divorce solicitor, consider your situation first. If you don’t have children or lots of finances to sort out, you can hire a mediator to negotiate the terms of your divorce. This is the cheapest option that doesn’t require a lawyer. However, if you have a dispute and need the help of a solicitor to negotiate a settlement, you should consider hiring a collaborative divorce lawyer. This type of solicitor focuses on negotiating a co-parenting relationship in which both sides will need to compromise.

Your next step is to find at least 3 family law solicitors in your area who are experienced in the specific type of divorce you are going through. An ideal lawyer will have the right legal knowledge to understand the process of the court system. Look online for numerous websites that disclose past client reviews. It is also worth asking personal recommendations from friends or colleagues.

When you have narrowed down your search, find out whether the solicitor you wish to hire is a member of Resolution and is committed to the Code of Practice. These lawyers retain their professional objectivity and encourage their clients to put the interests of their children first. Your chosen solicitor should emphasise the importance of being honest and behaving in a civilised manner. You should also be given the option of counselling, mediation, and keeping a balance between your financial and emotional costs.

Your divorce solicitor should:

• Ideally be knowledgeable in matrimonial law
• Be prepared to negotiate a settlement amicably
• Have adequate experience of taking cases to court
• Be tough on your behalf
• Must not act for you and your spouse due to conflict of interest
• Be accredited as a divorce solicitor

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in getting what you want out of this divorce so beware of a lawyer who tells you what you want to hear to close the deal. If your solicitor is bombarded with lots of other cases, it’s highly likely that they won’t be able to give their sole attention to your divorce case. Make sure you choose someone who acts professionally and treats you with respect. After all, going through a divorce is an emotional time for you so you’ll want an understanding and compassionate lawyer.

One of the top family law solicitors in Cardiff is Martyn Prowel Solicitors who have been dealing with divorce of clients for many years. Full details on their divorce services can be found here. They have a dedicated team of experienced family law solicitors who are able to offer expert legal and practical advice in relation to all matrimonial and child matters.

Divorce aid is another good source of information Clickj here for details.


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What should I look for when choosing a divorce solicitor?

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