Event Medical Cover: Why it's Important and How to Organise it


Organising event medical cover is an important part of the process that goes into planning an event. To find out why and how to effectively plan medical cover for your own event, check out this helpful article.

Why You Need Event Medical Cover

medical cover in the UK

  • Your Duties as an Event Organiser

A public event often involves large numbers of people congregating in one place, which can lead to injuries and illnesses that need treating. The responsibility of providing treatment for event visitors lies with the organisers, who are also required to provide staff with appropriate medical aid. When arranging this type of cover, your on-site medical plans should not be set in stone. It's important to manage and adjust your medical cover effectively so as to react to changes in circumstances quickly. You should also liaise with your medical staff during the event review process.For further information on event medical cover see Mace Events UK who provide a wide range of medical cover for all types of outdoor events in the UK.

  • What the Law Says About Event Medical Cover

The health and safety laws in the UK concerning places of work – including events – require that you provide the necessary levels of first-aid for your employees and – in the case of an event – the public also (find out below how to determine the appropriate levels of medical cover for your event). The essential take away from this is that you should have the arrangements in place to offer immediate medical attention to anyone injured or ill on the event grounds. For a large event, that might mean setting up a medical tent as well organising medical staff and vehicle arrangements on standby around the grounds. For further details check out HSE website.

  • What Can Go Wrong at an Event

Events that involve a large number of visitors often require extensive medical cover for a number of reasons. Treatment for minor injuries is common at large events, as is sickness due to alcohol or drug intoxication. A medical tent would be an appropriate place for dealing with lots of minor cases such as these. There's also the possibility of someone suffering from a major illness or injury which would require expert hands and equipment. Also anyone requiring advice or medicine while at an event would need a qualified medical professional on scene.

How You Should Plan Your Event Medical Cover

  • Medical Resources

During the planning stages of your event, the level of medical cover you'll be needing should be determined by the size, type, scope, duration, location and time of it. This will allow you to organize medical cover that can effectively handle the demand and types of injuries that may arise, whether there's an increased risk of falling on uneven ground or the weather is particularly hot that day.

  • Involve the Workers

When planning your event, it's good practice to involve the medical workers in all aspects of your plans so as to give them an idea of what your event is about, the risks involved, the types of injuries they can expect, and how to react to emergency or contingency plans.

  • Take Advice from Others

The advice offered by others is invaluable when setting up an event. When it comes to medical cover, liaising with the emergency services and others in management who are knowledgeable in organising medical cover is advisable, not only to get an idea of the best way to organise your medical cover but also to forewarn emergency services of an event taking place.

  • Select the Right Workers

Selecting the right medical personnel is also important for a safe and smooth running event. The contractors you hire should be fully qualified in the duties tasked of them, trained in working events, and have the right level of resources on site to treat people effectively. It's also vital to have someone managing these people properly.

  • Set Up the Appropriate Facilities

Having the right facilities in place for people to seek medical attention at is imperative for large-scale events. A medical tent is the common option at an event and should contain first aid kits and medicines and be staffed by trained workers able to dispense and treat injuries. These are usually placed at or near the entrance to an event where it can be seen and located easily.

  • Plan Ahead for Emergencies

Planning ahead to deal with injuries and emergencies will ensure you have the appropriate level of medical cover for your event. In order to achieve this, you should know the risk levels of your event and then you can respond appropriately to emergencies with the right medical personnel in the right place at the right time.



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Event Medical Cover: How to Organise it


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