The advantages of a resin bonded driveway


Resin bonded driveways are classy. They give the impression that you have taken the time and effort to lay down gravel or rocks, meticulously weed, and make sure the gravel is uniform at all times. Well, let people think that. In fact, a resin bonded driveway gives the allusion of hard work and effort, when in reality, there is no loose gravel or stones and there is virtually no maintenance. Why spend your precious days off weeding, smoothing out the stones in your driveway, hovering up stones from around your house, in your car, and picking them out of your shoes, when you could invest in a strong resin bonded driveway that has a life expectancy of over a decade?

Not only do these driveways look the part, they are surprisingly easy to install. Stop your visions of timely excavations, the gravel or rock can be placed on your existing driveway. There are many colours and styles, and there are varieties of recycled and natural materials to compliment the colour schemes of your home and garden. Depending on the weather, these driveways can be laid and be in working order within a week. Even if your driveway is curved, it does not matter – every precaution is taking, which will lead to a smooth, strong, and long lasting finish. Even though the gravel is covered with resin, there is no risk of water damage to your driveway, as it is porous and during the installation process a drainage system has been installed underneath, which in our rainy climate is very important.

The resin is very strong and will not crack – so if you are into mechanics you won’t have to worry about damaging your driveway by placing engine parts onto it. If you are into home improvement or art, the driveway is an excellent surface to work, as the resin is easy to clean. If you do get a troublesome stain on it, the company that installed your bonded driveway can offer you advice and support on how to remove it, or call to you home to do so.

So – what’s the catch? It’s expensive, right? Actually, having a resin bonded driveway installed can be cheaper than concrete, tarmac, or block paving, and compared to the installation of those driveways, a resin driveway is the easiest option, as no excavation is needed. With all of that, this type of driveway increases the value of your property. So let’s go through this again, it is fast to install, you have the choice of colour, it lasts for over a decade, it looks amazing, it’s strong, it drains, and it can be your cheapest option. If you decide to do it yourself, it can be even cheaper.


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The advantages of a resin bonded driveway

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