Guide to Choosing a used forklift for your business



You have decided to buy a used forklift. You have weighed the pros and the cons and done your research. Now you are at the stage of actually going to inspect a forklift that you have seen advertised. Here are some things to look out for and a few pitfalls to avoid.
Insist on seeing the forklift’s service history. If this turns out not to be available, but you still like the look of the forklift, then bring in a specialist for an inspection. Do this before any money changes hands and remember to ask about a service plan.
Be just as scrupulous when checking the forklift’s warranty. Do you have to pay a premium? What exactly does it cover? Are there any costs hidden at first glance? Ensure you get the facts straight and check the manufacturer’s warranty. You may like to consider whether it would be worth your while to extend it. Also remember to ask about spare parts and their availability and price.
Having carried out this research, you will now move onto the actual physical inspection of the machine. It is a good idea to make sure a mechanic is present at this inspection, preferably one of your own staff, or a mechanic who you know and who you trust to give you a straightforward and honest appraisal.

Whilst looking at the forklift, consider the following:
What general impression does it make?
-Is the forklift dented or scratched up?
-Are there obvious welds and repairs or rust?

You can draw some pretty obvious conclusions from such evidence. After the general look-over, move on to the specific inspection. Pay particular attention to the tread depth on the tyres, examine the mast and see it working and look out for signs of past repairs. Your mechanic will be able to tell you if these were superficial or major. Make sure the counterweight is the right size and weight as in the specs and ensure the operator’s seat is comfortable. Check that the gears are working in a smooth and responsive fashion, and that the same is true for the controls. Pay particular attention to the brakes and check that they work properly even when the forklift is carrying a load or is travelling up a slope. The last point to check is the paintwork. It should be smooth, in good condition and most importantly not hiding any dents or scratches.

If the used forklift has satisfied you so far, then the next step is to see it working. If you have your forklift license then take it for a drive. If you have not got your license then watch while a qualified driver puts it through its paces. It is important to ensure that the forklift can do all the things that it would be required to do at your workplace.

Choosing a good used forklift is basically a matter of common sense and paying attention to the details. If you do that then you should be able to find a forklift that will give you years of good service.

One of the leading makes of forklifts on the market is the STILL Company who are based in Germany.

They have a large dealership network across the world with over 246 dealers. One of the highest regarded companies in Wales is Gwent Mechanical Handling  who are the main distributors for Still forklifts in the south Wales and Bristol area.

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